Our Services (The Palm County Economy Villa)

  • Multi cuisine restaurant service inside the campus to relish your food cravings
  • Help desk- tourism, nearest pilgrims, hospital service to make you feel at ease
  • Laundry service and housekeeping services to help the busy running family
  • Physiotherapy centre for those who needs to enhance their health
  • Ayurvedic/ Panchakarma (steam/souna) therapy centre for those who needs to rejuvenate
  • Part time nutritionist service to help them lead a healthier life
  • Grocery service to help people with their daily needs
  • Day care centre to help support the busy parents and give quality care to children within their reach
  • Home Care - Taking Care of Your Home Understanding the consternations of families who leave there homes unattended for long periods, Paul Antony builders & Developers has decided to extend there expertise to the home care segment as paid amenities, Occupants at “The Palm County” can now entrust our Support to take care of there home in there absence. If required, we shall arrange to lease your home to ideal occupants, collect the monthly rentals and deposit the same in your account.

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