Villas in Kochi as smart investment opportunities

Kochi 1

Setting up a home on the banks of the Queen of the Arabian Sea is, of late, a dream to many Indians, home and abroad. Villas in Kochi have become not only a coveted aspect of real estate ownership but also an investment opportunity. With the arrival of India’s first metro rail project in a Tier- II city and the burgeoning enterprise that is the Infopark, the city now boasts of increasing job opportunities every year and healthy microeconomics.  No question arises as to why Kochi is a desirable location in Kerala.

Realty in India was wrongly believed to have been insulated during the last economic recession. Though the slowdown definitely impacted the real estate sector, Kochi slowly and steadily worked its way back into business and is now safely back on track thanks to the low interest rates on home loans, the influx of foreign currency and angel investment.

Bidding on the city’s real estate, especially embarking on investing in villa projects, has become the order of the day. While many eagerly relocate, many others rent or lease out property and manage to rake in revenue. In fact, villas in Kochi have almost become status symbols for lakhs of residents in the city. The value of the land along with construction, labour and overhead costs easily earn these homeowners the title of smart investors. Combined with the city’s high heritage value, villas in Kochi are rapidly becoming venues for office space, residential property and are units with development potential.