The relevance of gated communities


Gated communities are dime a dozen in the city of Kochi. Most villas that are ready for occupation happen to fall within a certain perimeter close to other houses similar in architecture or price. The original reason for their popularity, especially in Kochi, was their association with the lifestyles of the affluent strata of society. They have been increasingly cropping up around the city. These planned projects generally have various shared amenities such as a swimming pool, gyms, spa, marina, golf courses, club house, children’s play areas, association halls, security, electricity control rooms, reception area, elevators, lawns, etc. They follow a strict design principle, often working with a single pattern for all houses or at least a similar style of construction.

These communities are relatively safer than individual villas as the pedestrian and vehicle traffic through their gates are monitored and regulated. Gated communities in Kochi are often an amalgamation of independent villas as well as apartment complexes. Sprawling across acres of developed land, these villas are a prime option of residence as they provide access to various other common amenities that is not available to an independent villa owner for example. With the rigorous and disciplined procedures of waste disposal in place in Kochi, gated communities are equipped to take care of their respective waste management as well. Such a smoothly run way of life is often what attracts city dwellers towards this type of accommodation. These communities also foster better group dynamics and induce a healthy community spirit.