Villas in Kochi- The re- emergence of the interior courtyard


Domestic architecture in Kerala has always been the architect’s fight to build a home that would protect the dweller against Nature’s elements. During the monsoon the downpour of rain as well as the errant lightning poses a threat to the framework of the house. When in summer, there arrives the conundrum of temperature control especially […]

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Villas in Kochi as smart investment opportunities

Kochi 1

Setting up a home on the banks of the Queen of the Arabian Sea is, of late, a dream to many Indians, home and abroad. Villas in Kochi have become not only a coveted aspect of real estate ownership but also an investment opportunity. With the arrival of India’s first metro rail project in a […]

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The relevance of gated communities


Gated communities are dime a dozen in the city of Kochi. Most villas that are ready for occupation happen to fall within a certain perimeter close to other houses similar in architecture or price. The original reason for their popularity, especially in Kochi, was their association with the lifestyles of the affluent strata of society. […]

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The importance of eco- friendly architecture


Research has proven that 35% of the world’s carbon emissions are created by the building sector. There has been a clarion call for eco- friendly methods of construction, which more often than not remains a pipe dream. The lavish, luxurious households of our times almost never adhere to the traditional methods of construction and boast […]

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